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For example"Minolta XXXX" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_XXXX&Pid_XXXXSave and do the steps on the OP but use the new file this time.Edited by vitor - 01 October 2011 at 16:45 vitorfonseca.com kiklop Members Profile The Dimage Scan Elite II accommodates such situations with the aforementioned option of specifying the point of focus. With all the foregoing commentary on Digital ICE, it's important to put it into perspective: Digital ICE is first and foremost a productivity enhancer. The software CD shipped with the unit supports both Mac and Windows platforms, with standalone scanning applications for both, as well as a Photoshop acquire plug-in for the Mac, and TWAIN this contact form

Digital ICE: Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II At maximum scanner resolution, the defects cover significant areas of subject detail, making correction much more difficult. The infamous Train slide showed some signs of lens flare, as with most other scanners I've tested but there didn't appear to be any more than with competing models. Taking its performanc and cost together and evaluating the package as a whole, I'd have to say that the DSEII is currently (April, 2002) one of the best buys in an If you decide you like one of the surrounding options better than the current selection, you choose that adjustment by simply clicking on the thumbnail image. this

Load Image Correction Job: Loads any previously saved image correction settings files, and applies corrections to the selected image. Selective Color: Activates the Selective Color adjustment window. I'll also add that if Vuescan works for you (there is a free trial), that the "Pro" version of VueScan is worth it. FWIW.

I found no difference in scan times between the two, contrary to my experience with the Dimage Scan Multi Pro. (Where the Photoshop plug-in was much faster when doing high resolution Uncompress zip file or put downloaded .inf file somewhere on your disk.4. Theoretically, more bits of A/D translate into better dynamic range, although in practice dynamic range is often more limited by the analog circuitry and other parts of the signal processing chain. And has support for ICC profiling.Wayne Reply Reply with quote Complain ForumParentFirstPreviousNextFlat view Post (hide subjects) Posted by When Make Minolta scanner work with Windows 7 NikonMan09 Jul 11,

You first place the media to be scanned into a holder, then insert the holder into the scanner. Additional functions for DiMAGE Scan Elite II include: Easy Scan Utility screen is improved. GEM stands for "Grain Equalization and Management," and is a technology to remove the effects of film grain, without affecting image sharpness. What the multi-sample option didn't remove was a background pattern of streaks in the deepest shadow areas.

Thanks for sharing this info and file!The MINOLTA.INF file in your archive is dated 2011-06-22 and seems to be a derivation of Vitor Fonseca's MINOLTA.INF file as of 2010-10-12, which is With any volume of scanning work to do, you'll save literally hours of time in after-the-fact spotting and retouching. Digital ICE, ROC, and GEM technology. I've found this quite beneficial in the past, as it provides a complete perspective on each change. (I've seen some software packages that only show the changes relative to the last

Very slick. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/39778139 This scanner came with a low-quality USB cable, and is also sensitive to USB timing on faster computers. Sharpness was also very good in the corners: In my experience, there's always some falloff of sharpness in scanned images as you move from the center of the frame to the Best DSLR & ILC Cameras: Advan...

I wil keep coming back for sure."Eric Smalter, Boston, MA "WOW! weblink Fit to Window: Automatically sizes thumbnails to the utility window size. Help: Leads to a fairly typical online help system. It worked fine for me so I thought I'll share it with you.

What's left would be much easier to deal with manually, in a program such as Photoshop(tm) or PhotoPaint(tm), though. In fairness to the DSEII, these only appeared in the face of really extreme tonal adjustments, but they were quite apparent on the original Train slide. (Hardly visible on Train 2 The last year has seen Minolta achieve leadership status in digital cameras though, with the introduction of their high-end, five-megapixel Dimage 7 prosumer model, the high end of a line that navigate here The first displays the Preferences window, and the second is the Custom Wizard button, which lets you combine certain scanning processes into an automated "wizard" or access previously created wizards.

Scanning resolution can be as high as 2,820 dpi, with an RGB trilinear CCD element that slides across the film in one pass. Are the connectors clean? (6) Try another USB jack on your PC, USB ports have voltage limits . . . Select Continue Anyway and proceed with the installation.

Digital GEM Adjustment Tab Clicking on the Digital GEM button at the top of the preview window enables this tab, so you can adjust the amount of the "GEM" processing that

Auto Focus at Scan: Instructs the scanner to perform an autofocus prior to the scan and prescan. This is a somewhat subjective evaluation. Home Company News PRODUCTSScanner Software Archive Software Imaging Software SRDx Photoshop Plug-in Printer Software Printer Calibration IT8-Targets Resolution Target Accessory X-Ray All-in-One Packages OfficeScanner STOREScanner Software SilverFast SoftwareSilverFast High-End Suite for The standalone application isn't so stable.

For all but high-end professional users, it offers about as much scanning power as you're likely to need, and at a real bargain price. I found both holders (slide and 35mm film) to be very effective and easy to use, with a variety of small design tweaks that made them easier to work with. Options are 2, 4, 8, or 16 samples, or Off. http://intouchvoip.net/dimage-scan/dimage-scan-elite-5400-2-driver.html Nothing's working.

The net result with the DSEII is that it doesn't remove dust and scratches (particularly scratches) as thoroughly as some other scanners I've tested that have Digital ICE. At the end of this row of buttons is the frame indicator as well as the RGB numerical display, which reports the color value numbers of specific points in the image This is much less useful in my opinion, I prefer to see the reference back to the original, as shown here.) Loading and Saving Correction Jobs The Minolta Dimage Scan Elite Windows 7-10 Generic DriverWindows 7 32 bitWindows 7 64 bitWindows 10 64 bitWindows 10 32 bitWindows 7 Starter 64 bitWindows 7 Starter 32 bitWindows 7 Home Basic 64 bitWindows 7 Home

Note that adding a subtractive color darkens the image, rather than lightening it as with the additive primary colors. The Selective Color Adjustment tool separates the color region into six groups (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow), letting you adjust only the colors in the image that fall within The driver is completely tested and verified by Minolta, and safe to use. As a default, this setting is turned off to reduce scan times. (The scanner apparently always focuses prior to the prescan, so a second focusing may not be necessary prior to

As I mentioned above, I also liked its software interface quite a bit, as it made it easy to achieve the results I wanted. Perhaps we should add a comment to the file indicating the origin and where users can search for future updates?Also, I find it a bit odd, that the new file suggests The Dimage Scan Elite II really pushes the envelope for what's possible with a desktop scanner for a street price of under $700. Brightness / Contrast / Color Balance: Displays the Brightness / Contrast / Color adjustment window.

The GEM button directly to the right activates a full scan of the selected portion of the image (indicated by a crop box which can be adjusted over the preview image). Flip Vertical: Flips the image on a vertical axis.